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Spring Winds

1 May 2017
We often experience severe winds. We suggest to our tenants to be extra considerate when ensuring there is nothing on your balcony that can blow off. This includes everything from planters to papers. Many balconies face major traffic streets and flying debris can cause not only a danger to the suites below, but to vehicles and pedestrians at street level. Ensure planters etc. are secure. Also if you wish to sweep off your balcony, please sweep into a dustpan, then vacuum. This stops flying dust from covering the next tenant's balcony. Be careful when leaving windows open while you are absent. Strong winds can damage window blinds and if there is a sudden rain storm the rain could cause damage to your suite as well as others below you. ***Also for smokers. Please use ashtrays, a can with sand, etc. to dispose of butts. We have had numerous complaints with regards to burn marks on patio furniture and even people getting hit by hot cigarettes. Houserules - Balcony Debris or any other item which falls from your balcony, through either accidental, carelessness, or through deliberate action, is grounds for eviction under the safety to others section of the Residential Tenancies Act.

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